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Orlando, USA to participate in the exhibition
2019-01-20 08:39:00

In December 2018, the company sent foreign traders to Orlando, United States to participate in the three-day international power exhibition. Known as the world's largest power show, the show is the world's number one international exhibition for power generation projects, power operations, transmission and distribution projects, power technology and renewable energy. It was introduced in Orlando, USA on December 4-6. Come to its grand 30th anniversary celebration.

The foreign traders of the company carefully prepared the exhibition boards in the early stage, and displayed and introduced the arresters of Guochuang to customers from all over the world. During the three-day exhibition, the foreign guests who came to consult and negotiated were very interested in the products of Guochuang, hoping to get the product agency right of Guochuang and negotiate a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

Through this power exhibition, it has laid a solid foundation for Guochuang to enter the international market, selling its products to all parts of the world, improving the international competitiveness of Guochuang, and the prospect of foreign trade market is good.

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