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The company warmly welcomes Mexican customers to visit and negotiate
2019-03-18 08:39:00

On March 15, 2019, Mexican customers came to the company for a two-day visit. The company has established long-term business relationship and deep friendship with customers in Mexico. The customers are full of praise for Guochuang's products, indicating that Guochuang products are stable in quality and reliable, and hope to expand exports in the future and become the largest supplier of Mexican customers. Guochuang expressed gratitude to the customers of Mexico for their visits and hoped that the products of Guochuang will continue to enter the South American market through Mexican customers. The Mexican customer also suggested that it is reported that the Mexican National Grid staff will also come to the name of the company to conduct a supplier qualification review of Guochuang, hoping that Guochuang will prepare for the early stage and meet the Mexican State Grid staff in good condition. Visiting.

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