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Successfully passed the review of the State Grid
2019-03-05 08:39:00

On February 28, 2019, a group of 6 experts from the State Grid Corporation's arrester expert review team conducted an on-site evaluation review of our company. First of all, six experts listened to the report of Li Xiangjun, deputy general manager on the overall situation of the company. Afterwards, the expert group went deep into the company's arrester manufacturing and inspection site, conducted on-the-spot investigation and video recording of the company's production equipment, test and testing equipment, and working environment, and verified the company's product quality control process in detail, and the core of the arrester. The components - zinc oxide resistors and some arrester products were inspected on site. Finally, the expert group conducted on-site inquiry with relevant technical personnel of our company.

Through the on-site inspection and data review, the expert review team of the State Grid Corporation believes that the company's product quality system is scientific and effective, the product quality is reliable, and the product production capacity can meet the needs of batch ordering. Therefore, Ningbo Zhenhai Guochuang High-voltage Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. fully meets the qualification requirements of the State Grid Corporation for suppliers.

The company successfully passed the review of the supplier qualifications organized by the State Grid Corporation, laying a solid foundation for the company to further develop the domestic market and increase the market share of the products in the future.

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