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Do not forget the initial heart, continue to move forward - remember Ningbo Zhenhai Guochuang High V
2019-05-10 08:39:00

On January 17, 2019, Ningbo Zhenhai Guochuang High-voltage Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. held a New Year’s greeting at Zhenhai Hongqiao Hotel. The opening ceremony of the party was delivered by Zhang Yujian, the deputy general manager of the company. Mr. Zhang summarized the company's work in 2018 and proposed prospects and suggestions for the work in 2019. The host then announced that the banquet had officially begun. In a laughter, all the staff gathered together and toasted. The company prepared a generous prize for the party. In the lively atmosphere of the scene, the game and the lottery were interspersed, and the party was pushed to the climax again and again. Finally, the New Year’s greeting was successfully concluded in the beautiful song.

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